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Educational Connections to Support Holden Forests & Gardens Scientist Lecture Series, Growing Black Roots: The Black Botanical Legacy

To further support teachers in incorporating the Black Botanical Legacy Lecture Series into their classroom curriculums Holden Forests & Gardens will provide suggested activities that were developed in conjunction with each lecturer.

These activities are:

  • Targeted at the middle and high school level
  • Meant to be used after the lectures are viewed live or recorded
  • Interdisciplinary in nature – many have social studies, math, language arts and career connections

The activities are divided into three sections so that teachers are better able to tailor their connection to the lectures in the way that best enables them to meet their goals and objectives.

  • Comprehend and Connect: Ways to reflect on the lecture, its content and applications to the student’s life
  • To Do: Activities that support the lecture content. These are either hands on and inquiry in nature or ask the student to use data to analyze a situation.
  • Follow Up: In-depth study and independent work that makes a larger connection to part of the topic discussed.

Planting Seeds of Freedom in the Pecos Valley of New Mexico: How Blackdom Grew Its Roots through Dry-Farming by Maya Allen (University of New Mexico)

View on YouTube

This lecture comes with a  complete lesson plan and accompanying Google Slide deck for you to customize for your class. See “Speaker Notes” section for additional materials and notes. In addition, see the “Follow-up” section of the lesson plan for more activities to keep your class engaged with this content.

To make an editable copy of the Google Slides deck for your classroom, click the link and select File > Make a copy.