Affiliate Bulletin Board

To submit your club’s news and updates, contact Lynne Robie at or 216.707.2852.

Thank You

“A huge flower-filled thank you wends its way to the Affiliate Clubs from both the Arboretum and Botanical Garden campuses. We are so grateful for the support we received from the you in response to limitations brought on by covid19 and the fact that we have been able to continue planting has been a joy, not only for the team, but also for all our guests. We have used the gifts in a variety of ways. Some garden renovations that were paused, such as Hosta Hill at CBG have now been able to be completed, other areas have seen single specimens sourced and replaced where previous plants have reached end of life. Look out for the new Pinus specimen in Gateway at CBG. In the Rhododendron garden at THA, we are bringing in colorful perennials as well as woody plants to enhance the collection. Over at Lantern Court, about a dozen new roses have been sourced. We look forward to more deliveries over the Fall as planting continues. Thank you once again.”

Caroline Tait

VP of Horticulture


GLOW 2020 is in the works and will move forward! Our theme this year will remain something similar to “Home for the Holidays” (note: this is a working theme and the verbiage may be changed). An underlying theme with this show is to feature how plants and trees contribute to celebrating the holidays through home decor, games, food, toys etc. We have had to scale back our original concept a bit due to the pandemic. The Affiliates will be able to choose if they want to decorate a tree, a wreath, or a 30-36″ wide entrance door. Check the GLOW 2020 Decorating List to see what decorating opportunities are still available for your club to decorate. GLOW Guidelines provide you with further information on what you may do (or not do) with your decorating ideas. Kevin Borowiak will again be the GLOW Affiliate coordinator and you may contact him with any questions or concerns you have….OR if you wish to get your Affiliate Club participating by signing up. His email is and his phone number is 216-744-4866.

We hope that you will encourage your club to get involved and support this year’s new and exciting GLOW!

Fall Forum

Fall Forum is going virtual and is scheduled for October 15 at 10:00 a.m.  Watch your email for the Zoom link.  Highlights of this year’s Fall Forum include the presentation of the Vail Medal to the Western Reserve Herb Society, updates on Glow, and a presentation by Holden Forests & Gardens new Vice President of Horticulture, Caroline Tait.  Please contact Pegg Lencewicz at or Lynne Robie at if you have any questions.

Thank You!

Special thanks to the Affiliate Garden Council and all affiliate garden clubs who met the Holden Forests & Gardens directors challenge to raise additional money to support the purchase of plants in our horticulture department.  Because of you, $11,375 was donated to the horticulture plant fund, which made up for the budget cuts the department sustained due to the pandemic.  Your gifts allowed plant purchases to continue.  Caroline Tait, vice president of horticulture, will share photos of your gifts at work during her presentation for the Fall Forum.

Celebrating 90 Years!

Congratulations to The Village Garden Club for celebrating its 90th anniversary!  The club was founded on January 31, 1930 by nine women from Shaker and Cleveland Heights.  Their purpose became “beautifying the Shaker Lakes region with flowering trees around Hampton Lake (now known as Horseshoe Lake).”  The Village Garden Club grove is located on the South Park side of Horseshoe Lake, between Lee and Attleboro Roads.  The grove currently consists of 34 trees, including cherry, crabapple, magnolia, serviceberry, and redbud.  Club members tend to the grove throughout the year.  Another major club accomplishment is joining with 35 garden clubs in 1964 to stop the plan to build a freeway through Shaker and Cleveland Heights to connect I-271 to downtown.  It was a 6-year battle, but the citizen-based efforts resulted in the creation of the Shaker Lakes Nature Center.